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Grand Mesa Back Country Horsemen

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President: Jan Potterveld  970-464-2065
                                Cell    970-985-0276
VP:  Cal Wylie  620-629-5656
VP: Terry Randall  970-596-6640
Teasurer: Cheryl Ballew 970-260-6383
Secretary: Penny Ackerman 970-242-8860 

Board Members 
Betty Lou Canterbury 970-858-6403
Connie Johnson 970-858-9887
Bob Files  970-270-2706
Dave Dashner  970-242-9278

State Directors: 
Jan Potterveld  970-985-0276
Terry Randall  970-596-6640

Newsletter Editor: Terry Randall

Miscellaneous Information & Committees


Terry Randall  970-596-6640

Programs and Education --- We Need a volunteer!

Volunteer Hours

Jan Potterveld/970-985-0276/

Welcome Packets -- 

Cheryl Ballew 260-6383

Grand Valley Trail Alliance

Dave Dashner

Jan Potterveld

Volunteer Recognition

Jan Potterveld  970-985-0276

Social Media and Website

Jan Potterveld 985-0276

Together Everyone Achieves More!