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Grand Mesa Back Country Horsemen

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President’s Message

President's Letter

July 21, 2017

I am sitting here in my hotel in Madison, Wisconsin, anticipating the wedding of a Granddaughter tomorrow and feeling a little out of touch with the horse world in Grand Junction, except for the calls and news items that keep coming. The weekend before I left was a special one up on the Black Mesa with Terry and Steve and the others that made it up to the camp out in luxury. One horse or mule tried to eat his way into my truck to get the hay. Maybe we should pool our resources and buy a couple of thousand acres from Warren Trucking. 

Paul Sever, BLM, would still like us to haul some sign posts up to the more distant points in McInnis Canyons, 4 in by 6 ft. We will be talking some more about the logistics and dates, probably later in September. Other crews will do the planting and posting.

Don't forget about the upcoming meetings with the NFS about their planning for the GMUG National Forests. This will impact everybody. I hope they have enough money to do something after all the cuts that the Budget process is proposing.

We are all feeling bad for Terry Yates on the loss of Hunter.

Jan P. Potterveld

Now having been the NFS meeting, Aug 3, I am enthused about the ability to respond to the NFS requests for comments to help them with the assessment.  With over 3.2 million acres to consider for planning, this makes up the largest Forest in the US except for the Tongass in Alaska.  There are several websites available to help us do this including one that lists all the available horse trails in the GMUG with map cross-references. More about this at the meeting.