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Grand Mesa Back Country Horsemen

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Trail Ride Rules: Good for everyone!

All rides will be under the direction of the designated Trail Boss.

No rider shall pass the Trail Boss.

Riders will ask to pass other horses.

Riders shall maintain a safe distance between horses.

There will be no Running or Cantering on any GMBCH ride.

Do not leave the ride without notifying the Trail Boss.

No riding double.

Inexperienced horses and those likely to kick should have a ribbon

in their tails.

At gates or other obstacles, move clear of obstacle, then wait until everyone is remounted and ready to proceed before riding off.

All horses will be restrained [tied or held] during lunch stops or breaks.

Riders must be diligent at preventing their horses from digging and

chewing on trees.

No smoking while on the trail.

No dogs will be allowed on the rides.

Guests must sign a liability release. Minors must have parent or

guardian sign the release

No loose horses in camp or on the trail.

Leave gates as you find them; obey all closures and regulatory signs.

Pack it in; pack it out. Leave No Trace.

No stallions will be permitted on trail rides.

Show Respect to other riders by keeping your language respectful.